Jimmy Jib Camera Crane Specficiations 

JJ 40 eleconcert.JPG

The Jimmy Jib can be assembled in 3ft increments, from 6ft to 24ft and then at 30ft & 40ft reach configurations. Our custom Jimmy Jib Pro Base enables the Jimmy Jib camera crane to roll on and off track fully rigged saving valuable time and improving efficiency when moving locations, or when multiple setups are required. As standard the cranes comes with a non-stabilised two axis remote head which is capable of taking any camera package up to 20kg. In addition, we are able to mount budget stabilised heads like the DJI Ronin range & FreeFlys’ Movi range to any of our cranes, as well as larger, premium stabilised heads, like Filmotechnics’ Flight Head mini3 & the Libra Mini. Our in house diagram below gives the basic working measurements and areas of most o the Jimmy Jib lengths, should lady require more information regarding lens heights and crane weights please contact us.

Please contact us for a quote and to discuss your filming requirements

JDJibs Jiimmy Jib Diagram.png